Custom Cakes

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Your cake flavor can be as personal as the custom design I create for you.  Choose from the flavor menu below or let me create something tailor-made to your individual taste.


Cake Flavors 


Vanilla Butter                     Buttery Rum                                    Island Spice 

Vanilla Chiffon                  Sour Cream Butter Pound                 Strawberry

Dark Chocolate                  Toasted Almond                               Strawberry-Vanilla Swirl 

Light German Chocolate      Triple Lemon Chiffon                      Butter Pecan 

Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl      Orange Blossom Chiffon                  Carrot

Italian Cream                     Golden Yellow                                 Red Velvet


Cake Fillings 


Raspberry                                 Ganache: Chocolate, Chocolate-Orange,
Fresh Fruit (when in season)                      Chocolate-Raspberry, Chocolate-Mint,

Lemon, Lime or Orange Curd                      White Chocolate, White Chocolate-Mint,

Caramel Coconut-Nut                Cream Cheese



Buttercreams (Filling or Frosting)               Buttercream Filling Toppers


Vanilla                               Strawberry                                    Toffee Bar Crunch

Chocolate                           Raspberry                                      Peanutbutter Cup Crumble

Chocolate-Mint                   Vanilla-Frangelico                          Peppermint Crunch

Cappuccino                         Vanilla-Amaretto                            Oreo Crumble

Mocha                                Mocha-Kahlua                                 Graham Cracker Crumble

Caramel                              Chocolate-Chambord       

Peanut Butter                     Chocolate-Grand Marnier


May I suggest these cake flavor and filling combinations:

        Vanilla-Covered Raspberry ~ moist vanilla cake with raspberry filling, frosted with vanilla 

        Chocolate Toffee Bar Crunch ~ dark chocolate cake filled with toffee bar crumbles  atop  
        buttercream, frosted with either vanilla or light chocolate buttercream

        Triple Lemon Delight ~ light lemon chiffon cake, filled with lemon curd, frosted with vanilla

        Orange Blossom Special ~ delicate orange chiffon cake, torted with orange curd, frosted
      with vanilla buttercream


Viennese Linzertorte ~ spiced toasted almond cake torted with raspberry filling, frosted with vanilla buttercream
Classic German Chocolate ~ light German chocolate cake layered with classic caramel-coconut-nut filling


Tropical Pina Colada ~ coconut cake infused with pineapple-coconut rum syrup, torted with toasted coconut atop and frosted with vanilla buttercream

Very Strawberry ~ strawberry cake filled with strawberry buttercream


Zebra Stripe ~ dark chocolate cake with alternate layers of crispy French meringue, mocha and vanilla buttercream


Butter Pecan Sundae ~  torted vanilla butter pecan cake filled with caramel, chocolate and strawberry buttercream

Three Chocolate Truffle ~ rich dark chocolate cake filled and frosted with light chocolate buttercream,
topped with white chocolate shavings

24-Karat Gem ~ moist, tender carrot cake with coconut, nuts and raisins, complemented with cream cheese frosting


Cappuccino Deluxe ~ vanilla butter cake filled and frosted with cappuccino-flavored buttercream, side-encrusted sugary toasted almonds. garnished with chocolate-covered coffee beans drizzled with chocolate


Old-Fashioned Spice ~ fragrantly spicy cake filled and frosted with caramel buttercream


Tuxedo Decadence ~ alternate layers of dark chocolate and vanilla butter cake with light chocolate Oreo and vanilla Oreo buttercream


Chocolate-Peanutbutter Knockout ~ dark chocolate cake torted with alternating fillings of dark chocolate ganache and peanutbutter buttercream adorned with peanutbutter cup crumbles, frosted with vanilla or chocolate buttercream


Peppermint Twist ~ pink-tinted vanilla butter cake filled with white chocolate-mint ganache sprinkled with crushed peppermint candy, frosted with vanilla buttercream


   Key Lime Cake ~ vanilla butter cake torted alternately with key lime curd and graham cracker
         crumble atop key lime cream cheese filling